Home Thermal Imaging Inspection 

Did you know you can use thermal imaging technology and cameras to check for hot and cold drafts in your home? At SCS Building & Remodeling, we have been helping homeowners identify those pesky hot and cold spots they have been feeling for years with our state-of-the-art home thermal imaging camera.


Our Home Thermal Imaging Camera can;


1)      Ability to find warm (in the summer) and cold (in the winter) areas in home walls and ceilings

2)      Ability to find warm and cold areas in and around windows and doors

3)      Ability to find warm and cold areas in and around penetrations in walls

4)      Ability to find warm and cold areas in and around electrical panels

So, if you've been feeling those drafty rooms or windows, or just curious what to do about them, give us a call and we can help! 

We have been serving the Sun Prairie and Madison area's for over 20 years with our affordable home remodeling and improvement services! 

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Hi-Tech Home Thermal Imaging

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