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Cut Down AC Costs

Free Options

Clean or Change HVAC Filters

While the HVAC system is trying to circulate clean are throughout your home, it’s also moving around dust. Within the HVAC system, there are filters that collect dust and slowly build up over time. It is simple to locate them and clean them or, replace them. Getting rid of this excess dirt will limit how hard the HVAC system has to work to move air throughout your home.

Open the Windows at Night

While you’re sleeping, open up a few windows within your home to circulate the air. This will give your home fresher air and cool down your home at night. If you prefer a cooler room at night, keep your windows shut and turn on a fan or a few.

Plant Trees

Planting trees can have many benefits on your home. Most importantly, it cuts the AC bill! With trees casting shadows on your home, the sun has less of an effect on your home. This means less AC use! Trees will also benefit you outside of your home with oxygen, you can’t lose with this option!

Costly Options

Insulate Attic and Garage

Bare walls easily transfer heat and cold. Whether you’re considering buying a new home or you live in an old home, double check for insulation! Added insulation will also cut down heat costs in the winter. Making sure every nook and cranny doesn’t have a leak of air is very important to cutting costs.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be leased or bought as new. They are usually placed on top of roofs to capture the sun. Investing in solar panels may be expensive at first but, over time, the solar panels will prove their benefit.

Lighter Roof

Installing a lighter roof is like wearing a white shirt on a sunny day because we all know light reflects off of white. The majority of roofs are dark colored and they soak in the sun. This causes extra heat to be trapped in your house. Installing new roofing may be expensive but, it will save money over time.

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