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Different Styled Decks

Spring is just around the corner! That means it’s almost time for family gatherings and events. Having a deck can provide shade, room for eating, bug-free zones, and a great spot to hang out! Not to mention, it’s great for social distancing! There are many styles of decks that look great on all kinds of homes. Whether you’re looking for a simple or extravagant deck, there are all sorts of styles to choose from. Decks are also made of all kinds of materials that can be used to match or style your home!

Wrap-around Deck

Wraparound decks are perfect if you’re looking for a spacious deck. They can be around the entire

home or just around half of your home. The wrap-around deck can be elevated and a space below could also be opened up and made into an outside area. Unlike a wraparound porch, decks are wider and slightly elevated. They can be used for breakfast nooks, table firepits, outside bars, etc.

Detached Deck

Detached decks are a favorite for nature lovers. They offer a spot to sit and enjoy nature away from your home, but still in your yard. Detached decks are cheaper, less labor and you have more to

play around with layout wise. You can push your dreams to the limit and add personal touches around your deck including a garden or even a small pond.

Multi-tier Deck

Multi-tier decks create potential for low level seating, screened in porch, outside kitchens and so much more. Multi-tiers are convenient for families who have multiple floors and would like to add

more space to their backyard. With the large amount of space that multi-tier decks create, you can let your imagination roam free.

Attached Deck

Attached decks are the most common. These decks create an extra area that your family and friends can spend time on but still have a lot of grass around. Attached decks are different than detached because they are against the home and siding is removed to place it there.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are perfect for flat-top or semiflat roofs. With this deck, you could have a birds-eye view from your home and have a private deck just for you! Since these decks are difficult to build safely, it is highly recommended that you don’t do it on your own.

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