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Supply Chain Issues and Us at SCS Building and Remodeling

You may have heard of supply chain disruptions in the news recently and their impact on the price and accessibility of goods. These disruptions seem to have no end, and affect consumer demands daily. In an industry as complex and far reaching as construction this can mean that many different stages of the process can be interrupted at different times, driving up prices or lengthening project completion times drastically.

In Wisconsin, businesses have been feeling the weight of these supply chain disruptions harder than other states. Here, almost 53.3% of all consumer businesses have been experiencing domestic supplier delays. In general, states with a heavier reliance on manufacturing/physical goods markets have felt the weight worse than others.

Coupled with remnants of labor shortage, construction companies like ours have experienced difficulty creating timelines that reflect the delays. So what can we do to alleviate the pressure of these issues?

At SCS, we are trying to alleviate the stresses of the supply chain by adjusting our estimation processes to reflect the timeline of the project more accurately. We are also constantly trying new vendors to find the shortest route to the desired product, on top of adapting to customer demand to meet in the middle where possible. We are constantly doing our best to deliver a satisfactory result in spite of the condition of the supply chain issues!


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