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 Our Process 

Our design method begins with you!

Every remodeling project is different. That's why at SCS, we've developed a tried-and-true method to ensure that the customer's vision is actualized. At every phase in our process, your needs as a customer are prioritized. Frequent communication, adaptation, and actualization are paramount to the SCS team. Read on to find how SCS can make your dream home a reality.

Stage 1: Vision and Expectations

It all begins with a call or an email to us! Once you reach out to us, our first step is getting a picture of what type of work needs to be done and what your vision of the project is. SCS will work with you to make sure we understand what you want can be actualized to the best of our ability! A budget will be discussed and an estimate will be put together during this phase. The plans will get passed onto our designers.



Stage 2: Initial Construction

In this stage, demolition will begin! Depending on the scope of

the project this could range from moving furniture to tearing out

a few walls or even a complete gutting of a room. SCS will put up

dust protection and floor protection where needed to minimize

the impact on other areas of the house.

After demolition is complete, rebuilding, framing, and

insulating can begin. After the framing is done and okayed by the customer and the techs at SCS, the mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical roughs can begin. Once these are completed, an inspector will come by to okay the project. After all of the preliminary construction is done, the final construction can begin!

pexels-rene-asmussen-3990359 (1).jpg

Stage 3: Final Construction

The final construction phase consists of installing everything

that will be seen day to day in your new remodel, beginning with

drywall. After hanging, a couple layers of mud will be applied

and sanded when dry. After this, texture and primer can be

applied, followed by paint. Precautions for overspray and

particulates will be taken here, including dust barriers, floor

protection, and more. Doors and windows are set in place after

all the painting and texturing has been finished. 


Flooring will be installed after paint if needed. Sometimes, flooring can be done before painting but it requires more attention to protection and mitigation of overspray. Next, the installation of any built-ins will be done, such as cabinets, vanities, and fixtures will be put in. Showers/tubs will also go in at this time.

Lastly trim, appliances, and accessories are installed. That perfect sink and backsplash you chose are installed. Shelves and personal accents are added. The home is in a fully usable state at this point!


Stage 4: Finishing Touches

Now that construction is complete, any adjustments you as the customer want to make can be made. Touch ups and final suggestions are taken into consideration and the space is finalized with your vision in mind!

The final paperwork is completed and submitted. SCS will follow up to ensure your satisfaction after the completion of a project.

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